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Authors are urged to read the "Instructions for Contributors" page on this website while preparing manuscripts for submission, and to follow Science & Society's style format as closely as possible.

  If your submission is a book review, note that book reviews in S&S do not have titles. In this case, use the Title field to record the title and author of the book(s) being reviewed.

Articles have an upper limit of 10,000 words. Communications, up to 3,000 words, are short comments, usually written in response to previously published articles or as contributions to ongoing debate. Review Articles, up to 3,000 words, treat one or more books within a literary context, and are judged on the basis of the importance of the book(s) covered, as well as by content. Book Reviews, up to 1,200 words, do not have footnotes or references. While Science & Society allows unsolicited submission of Review Articles and Book Reviews, authors are urged to consult with the Editor before preparing manuscripts in these categories.

In the case of Article submissions, the file itself must not include the author's (or authors') name(s), affiliations, or other identifying information.

Authors are asked to include page numbers in their manuscripts. Also, if notes are used, these should be footnotes, not endnotes.

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Abstracts and Keywords are only required for Articles. If you are submitting a Communication, Review Article or Book Review, please skip this section.

The Abstract has an upper limit of 150 words. It is a condensed statement of the article's core content. Self-referential phrases, such as "This article argues that ... " or "I go on to show that . . ." should be avoided. Please give the Abstract close attention; readers often use it to determine whether they intend to read the article itself, so it should be clear and inviting. The Abstract may also appear in the text of the article file that you will upload as part of this submission process.

Keywords: Please supply a minimum of three and a maximum of six keywords. These should be the terms most likely to be used by people who are searching online and would find your article’s content to be in their area of interest.

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